Buddha Air

Clients: Buddha Air Pvt Ltd

Industry: Airlines

Website: https://www.buddhaair.com

  • Project Background:After the exhaustive search for the right partner, Buddha Air choose Social Aves for search engine optimization of a website. Based on the analysis of their website we recommended they prioritize rethinking their booking experience in order to improve conversion rates, repeat visits and mobile engagement rates.


  • Challenges:The most common challenge we faced is the lack of understanding about what SEO is. Another challenge is the lack of a focused keyword strategy and a site built in a way that was very difficult for search engines to crawl for content which resulted in a situation in which the few SEO elements that could have potentially aides the site (page titles, Meta descriptions, and internal links from blogs posts) were far from effective.


  • Solution:Starting with in-depth keyword analysis the SEO team of Social Aves put together organic SEO strategy for Buddha Air Pvt Ltd that included a full re-optimization of their existing website content, URls and Meta Tags, H1 tags, and alt images attributes, and more for each and every page.  After the completion of on-page optimization, our team is focused in increasing backlink profile of Buddha Air’s and internet marketing promotion with various strategies including article marketing, client blogging, business directories.


  • Results: Within one year , Social Aves was able to increase Buddha Air’s google organic search traffic by 79.39% with a 56.52% in new visitors which generated a number of new sales.