How to play Pokémon Go

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Pokémon go combines the traditional features of the Pokémon game, capturing and battling Pokémon, in a real world setting.  The app uses augmented reality to place Pokémon in the real world, which can then captured by the player. Once captured the player can train and level up their Pokémon and challenge other players to battles.


Time to catch your first Pokémon

After the initial set up is done, the app will use GPS data to pinpoint your location in what looks like a customized version of Google Maps. A ring will appear around your character, showcasing your range. You can only interact with objects and Pokémon within this circular area.

You may see moving grass around you. This signals the location of a Pokémon. Click on the bottom-right corner to see which Pokémon are near you. Move around until you get close enough to a Pokémon and it should appear in your map. Tap on it to launch the catching experience.


This is where things get a bit wilder. In other Pokémon titles one had to battle the wild monster to weaken it before catching it. Such is not the case in Pokémon Go. What matters here is factors such as your throwing technique, the Pokémon’s CP (combat power) and the type of Poke Ball in use. Catching a Pokémon will be simple at first, but things will certainly be more complicated as you start running across stronger monsters.

When in this catching screen, you can activate AR to be able to move around and see where the Pokémon is in real life. Otherwise, it can be deactivated to keep the Pokemon centered in the screen. Either way, the Poke Ball will be placed on the bottom part of the screen. Simply look at the Pokemon, then press and hold on the Poke Ball.


Rings should appear around the Pokémon. These are different colors and usually showcase how hard it is to catch a Pokémon (green is easy and red is hard). One of the rings will get smaller as you continue to hold; the goal is to try and throw the ball as the circle gets smaller. If you have good aim and hit the target, chances of you catching the Pokémon are greater.

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