Bishes Karki

General Manager

We let your ideas work here.

Sneha Pradhan

Human Resource Manager

“In the past one and half year of me in this company, I have been growing every single day with Social Aves. From being a probationer to becoming a manager, it’s the push to take initiations and the incredible support system that has got me here and is helping me become a better leader in the future.”.

Shreya Malla

Operations Manager

“Social Aves has proved to be the best platform for me to learn as an emerging marketer & an aspiring entrepreneur. It has helped me to groom myself from an amateur to a manager. Having the opportunity to work with clients from the diverse business industry and the enthusiastic young team has been simultaneously challenging, fun and inspiring for me.”

Rekina Rajbhandari

Marketing Supervisor

“Social Aves is a family of talented and passionate people who nurtures you so that you can be the best version of yourself.”

Robik Shrestha

Senior Graphics Designer

“It’s been an incredible experience working with Social Aves for the past 2 years and I am grateful to everyone in this organization for their support. I have learned a lot here and the process is still on.”

Sunita Singh Thakuri

Marketing Executive

“Social Aves is a hub of friendly colleagues, helpful seniors and flexible working environment. When I joined this company, I was completely zero in digital marketing. But now I can proudly say that I am a Digital Marketing Expert! Dealing with various levels of clients, starting from a small startup to a huge corporate house, let me grow personally and professionally. I am really proud to be a part of Social Aves and, the journey is still ongoing!”

Sushma Nakarmi

Marketing Executive/Content Writer

“I am overwhelmed to be a part of a pioneer digital marketing company. Being one of the market leaders, Social Aves has opened doors to different opportunities from developing communication skills to understanding and maintaining patience level and exposure to the external world. On and off the job, Social Aves has provided the guidance to upgrade my capabilities and hence stand as a competent candidate in the digital world.”

Nisha Shah

Marketing Executive

“Breaking my comfort zone, I chose marketing field and I am happily working as a Marketing Executive at Social Aves. I'm Nisha Shah, currently studying BBA and I'm very thankful to Social Aves for trusting and providing me opportunity to explore the Nepalese market and learn new things every day. Working in a family-like environment is a bliss. I am looking forward to learn more creative stuffs at Social Aves.”

Smriti Lamsal

Operations In-charge

“Being the first job of my life, I am very pleased to be a part of Social Aves. I am here in the position of Operations In-charge, learning to move towards greater expertise so that I can do more for my team and for my organization.”

Pooja Shrestha

Operations Officer

“For a fresher like me, who has got a lot of enthusiasm to learn new things, Social Aves has provided me a perfect platform to learn and grow. Meanwhile, you have a very supportive colleagues and a fun working environment. I can feel positive changes in me. I am really gratified with my decision of choosing Social Aves.”

Susan Rana

Operations Executive

“Working at Social Aves is a great pleasure for me. Social Aves has given me the opportunity to work in a pleasant environment where I have very nice colleagues supporting each other. The best part is, our team ensures the inclusion of suggestions and opinions of employees in the company's planning process. I am proud to be a part of Social Aves.”

Sagar Shrestha

Graphics Designer

“Working at Social Aves has turned out to be a great experience for me. I can be myself here and work with my colleagues as a family, sharing my skills and furnishing them. I got all the support that I needed from my seniors which enhanced my understanding on graphic designing skills.”

Bikash Pradhan

Graphics Designer

“I am very proud to be a part of Social Aves. The opportunity that I got here to sharpen my skills and the respect I got from my friends is absolutely amazing.”

Sajan Maharjan

Graphics Designer

“Working here is incredibly fun. You get needed support and co-operation from colleagues which make your work easy. For your career growth and development, this is the best place to be.”

Bishal Babu

Graphics Designer

“It's always a big bite working here. This is possibly the best office for growth.”

Amrit Gharti

Motion Graphics

“Staffs are helpful & supportive. It’s great to be a part of such an amazing work environment!”

Pradeep Shrestha

3D Animator

“Social Aves has provided a friendly working environment and I feel very comfortable to work here. It has provided me with essential materials through which I have improved so much and am still improving.”

Shreesha Shakya

Senior Content Writer

“When you love writing and writing becomes your profession, what else would you long for? I was striving to move forward in a particular destination that matches my qualification and interest. Then, I found Social Aves to groom myself for pursuing my career goals as a professional writer. Moreover, my journey became so much easier and the destination became clearer with such cooperative team.”

Achyut Khatiwada

Content Writer

“Working at Social Aves as an intern was a wonderful experience. In a very short time, a lot of changes has occured in my learning process. Necessary and timely suggestions have always helped me to improve and keep me motivated. The most important thing I learned is to work in a team and Social Aves has supported me to groom and achieve my career goals.”

Milan B.K.

SEO Officer

“Being a Digital Marketer, it feels great to work in a leading digital marketing agency with young and enthusiastic team members.”

Roshan Sharma

Android Developer

“Social Aves has provided me an overwhelming environment to do something new. Here, you can find an awesome team, and the opportunity to learn and grow professionally.”

Yogesh Maharjan

Web Developer

“Ever wondered how a homely working environment feels like? Social Aves is where you can get that. Seniors are the parents here. Besides work, Social Aves has also taught some important lessons of my life. Hence, work is fun at Social Aves!”

Diwakar Dhungana


“The experience of working in a fun and friendly environment of Social Aves is something that cannot be explained in words. It feels great to work here and I am very much happy with my job as an Accountant.”

Mahesh Bhattarai


I am lucky to be an employee of Social Aves as an accountant and I feel really great to work in such a wonderful environment.

Rama Ale Magar

“म रमा, Social Aves मा तीन वर्षसम्म काम गर्दा अत्यन्त खुशी छु| यो संस्था मेरो दोस्रो परिवार जस्तै भएको छ| अफिसमा सबैको उत्तिकै माया लाग्छ| नजानेको र नबुझेको कुरा सिक्न पाउँदा अत्यन्त खुशी लाग्छ|”

Goma Thapa

“यस संस्थामा २ वर्षको समय बितेको पत्तो नै भएन| यस संस्थामा काम गर्दा परिवारमा बसे जस्तै अनुभव भएको छ| मलाई काम गर्न सधैँ हौसला दिने आदरणीय सर रवि सिंघल प्रति यो अवसर प्रदान गर्नु भएकोमा हार्दिक कृतज्ञता प्रकट गर्न चाहन्छु|”