As a digital marketing agency, Social Aves boosts digital presence of brands to connect them with individual audiences. We highly encourage brands to experiment on regular basis and apply the generated engagement for executing impactful campaigns. All the campaigns are ideated with well thought process. With an objective to accelerate the brand, the campaign creatives are crafted with absolute love and thus, executed precisely.

Here are top five Digital Marketing Campaigns conducted by Social Aves :

1. Dell Nepal: Dell Dashain Character

On celebrating the country’s greatest festivals, Dashain and Tihar and associate with Nepali audience, Dell Nepal conducted #DellDashainCharacter campaign that was held from 1st October to 15th October 2016. To foster the festive vibes, eight different Dashain characters were developed that were inspired from Nepali folks resembling each unique trait. The characters developed were power packed in a contest post that interrogated “Which Dell Dashain Character are you?”

Want to see how the campaign rocked? Here is the link:

2. WorldLink Communications: Scratch Garnuhos Bhagya Chamkaunhos

Nepal’s top ISP (Internet Service Provider), WorldLink Communications started a ATL (Above The Line) campaign called “Ye hajur Kata? Scratch Garau Yeta! (#chitobhanekaiworldlink #yehajurkata #worldlink). With its objective to facilitate the current customers and increase new connections, this campaign turned out to be WorldLink’s biggest ever physical campaign.

The participants received a scratch coupon when they renewed their subscription or subscribed a new connection. The coupon included exciting sure shot prizes of up to 12 months of free internet or NRs 1000/- cashback on subscription also including a chance to win 43” Samsung UHD TV every week and a grand opportunity to take home Ford Aspire as the bumper prize in lucky draw. This campaign kicked off creating a buzz in the market as it was a huge leap for WorldLink and a threat for its competitors.

To align and match up with the grand physical campaign, Social Aves came up with the campaign, “WorldLink Scratch Garnuhos Bhagya Chamkaunuhos”. It was WorldLink’s first ever website integrated digital campaign. The basic concept was, “You speed test your internet every time, but this time, why not you speed test your luck?” The participants landed in the website’s app ( through social media. Then, they had to click the “Try your Luck” button and submit their participation details. The audience had to pull the lever that would activate the Bhagya Meter. Excitement was created as the pointer fluctuated up and down. Lastly, the participants had to scratch the card to find out what was on their luck and become eligible to win the prizes.  A total of 144 prizes were up for grabs. Among them, some of were NRs.2,500 discount on internet bills, 25 Mbps internet + NET TV for 1 month, movie tickets, shopping vouchers from Kaymu, 25 Mbps internet for 12 months and so-on. Lucky winners were selected from each respective category.
The campaign’s popularity skyrocketed with 3000+ participation in just 3 hours of the launch. WorldLink successfully achieved a total participation of 18,324 and 34,611 pageviews on the app page during the period of Oct 9th– Oct 28th, 2017.

3. PRAN’s Valentine’s Campaign

PRAN Frooto Nepal and PRAN Potato Cracker Nepal launched campaigns for Valentine’s. Since the brand’s target audience is children and youth, the campaign had to come up with peppy street-smart activities to engage the audience.

PRAN Potato Cracker Nepal’s Prem Patra Pratiyogita was a humorous take on Valentine’s Day. People had to dedicate their love message to anyone or anything. The contest was conducted from Feb 13- Feb 17 2017. The process was to express feelings to loved ones by preparing a message towards loved one in not more than 200 characters and win cash prize. The love messages sent by the participants were posted in the form of template on the PRAN Potato Cracker Nepal’s Facebook page. The participants had to share the template (publicly visible) on their profile with the hashtag #PRANPremPatraPratiyogita #MonthOfLove.

Here’s the link of the contest post: .

Every relationship is precious, isn’t it? PRAN Frooto Nepal came up with “Celebrate relationships” campaign in which different creative of different relations were to be shared. All the participants had to share the design which they wanted to celebrate and tag their loved one along with the hashtags: #CelebratingPreciousRelationships #PRANFrootoNepal. This campaign was all about spreading love and expressing what people felt and thus, embraced people’s hearts generating an engagement of 24,671. The campaign designs became viral with 815 shares in total during the Valentine’s week. Below are few creatives that celebrated precious relationships for the Valentine’s in 2017.

4. Pashupati Paints: KhelaunKhusika Rangharu

Since Holi is all about celebrating the joys of colours, for a paint company, it’s the prime time to come up with an intriguing campaign and engage its audience. Pashupati Paints did the same too with #KhelaunKhusikaRangHaru contest. This was a GIPHY campaign where the audience had to capture the colourful face. Escaping the mainstream, this campaign indulged playfulness in emotions and colours. Different faces with different emotions appeared in the GIPHY; all dark and faded except for the one with happy glace and colourful emotion that stood out from the rest. The participants had to capture and screenshot the same colourful happy face. A simple and engaging campaign surely added a bunch of happiness to the Holi fever and brought people in the mood to celebrate the festival of colours.

Contest Post Link:

5. Siddhartha Cement: Joddai Cha Sara Nepalilai

It is usually challenging for infrastructure brands like Siddhartha Cement to associate with individuals. Siddhartha Cement’s core focus on its value proposition “जोड्दै छ सारा नेपालीलाई” demanded a patriotic feel activity.A Facebook frame campaign added a perfect touch to the baby steps into the brand’s Digital Marketing world. This campaign initiated during the second phase of Nepal’s election 2074. “के कुराले जोड्दै छ सारा नेपालीलाई? Was the question that wrapped the whole campaign. Six different Facebook frames were developed. The audience had a chance to express their opinions on what they thought unites Nepali people with six different frames of विश्वास, भावना, शिक्षा, राजनीति, संस्कृति and विकास. The campaign was held from Nov 16- Dec 14, 2017. The participants had to change their profile picture among the six frames by clicking on the “Try it” button and had to send the screenshot of the updated profile picture in the comment section of the contest post.