Our Second Home

Here’s a context. Try guessing if this is real or made up. The Creative Head is singing aloud all day long while guiding everyone on how to develop “perspective”. Along with directing all the employees, the General Manager is seen messing up with juniors and spreading knowledge about music. The CEO continuously challenges every individual to grow and even support resources for the individual’s own initiations in starting a start-up besides office work. On top of that, the management surprises the employees walking in with pizzas and lalmohans. No, we are not bluffing. This basically is how we function. In other words, this is our organizational culture; considered as one of the crucial factors for organizational success today.

At Social Aves, we encourage contextual intelligence which refers to the ability to adapt to context. As the digital marketing industry remains dynamic, the organization has witnessed employees’ embracing adaptive ability i.e. to change one’s style and approach to fit the cultural context or condition. Let’s hear it from Susan Rana, our Operations Executive who was brought up abroad and has been working at Social Aves since a year and a half, “It was inevitable that I had to prepare to embrace the changes in an unfamiliar working environment. However, it was completely opposite of what I had imagined. Friendly seniors who were willing to go that extra mile to motivate and push my strengths, peers who never failed to make me laugh and work together hand in hand. Never thought it would be a place I call my “second home”.

The degree of promoting innovation and risk-taking is quite high as innovative campaigns have been executed. Most trial and errors become our legendary campaigns. It’s nail-biting to risk unattempted ideas in the beginning, but the returns have exceeded our expectations. Attention to detail is another organizational culture we promote. From email writing to pitching to the clients, the degree to which employees are expected to exhibit precision and analytical skills are well executed after a lot of practice. People orientation and team orientation go hand-in-hand.

Let’s hear it from someone who boosts everyone’s energy in the office. Popularly called as the Loud Speaker, our developer Yogesh Maharjan says, “Yeah, it is true the working environment right here is crazy ̶ crazy in a good way. Every department out here is full of mad geniuses. Actually, it is people who boost my energy with the potential they have within themselves. Each and every member of our family is good in their own way. Not only are they good at the work they conduct but are also good humans too.”

The existence of Supportive Communication climate at Social Aves is because the organization listens well. There is respect for the validity of other’s experience. Occasional feedbacks about their performance provide a chance for self -evaluation as well. Our GM, Bishes Karki’s view on this is, “We encourage employees’ ideas from experts to the freshers. We believe that building an employee means building the company and that is why we support them to gain maximum during their tenure in our organization.”

The employees wear casuals and smart formals. However, there is an open door policy which means everyone is expected to follow the hierarchical ordering of management when communicating concerns.

With an open floor plan, the work setting makes the team accessible to each other anytime. We provide a good opportunity for employees to voice their opinion & concern conversation that is simultaneously supportive & critical. We endorse positive experience at work and aim to remain profitable in a competitive marketplace. The team is non-judgemental. Mutual problem solving always is an underrated USP here. Empathizing is pretty natural; it’s more or less a habit. Rikena Rajbhandari, our Marketing Manager says, “Empathizing has led us to develop a team with good personal relations along with great professionalism.”

What we intend?

We want to shift our focus towards outcome orientation by eliminating trained mindlessness. The management focuses on techniques and process used to achieve the desirable outcomes.

CEO Ravi Singhal says “We also want to create an environment where employees feel free to be assertive. The objective is to make the employees feel valued as intelligent human beings. The organization aims to discharge unseen direction passed on from the upper level of management to middle-level management and to their subordinates. Thoughtful Thursdays is an activity that we have started doing where we conduct constructive discussions, to promote spontaneity and honest opinions. We feel the team bonds well with thought provoking ideas with such weekly activities.

Valuing and sustaining human resources for Social Aves is a top priority. Upon this, HR Astima Karki says, “Social Aves heartily welcomes enthusiastic individuals who are inclined to groom their ideas in this open and transparent organizational culture.”