Digital Marketing, an unfamiliar term among Nepali people awaits tremendous outcomes in the years to come. However, people hardly know that they are living around and investing their valuable time in it. People are unaware how they have been self -branding themselves on social media–basically, we have opened our personal shops and are selling ourselves every day.

This is the Time to Exercise

The shift for brands moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing has been dynamic, highly profit oriented and convenient. The shift cost is almost nominal, in fact the cost is much lower than traditional marketing and the results are higher. We can say this is the rise of digital marketing era in Nepal. Businesses are yet to exercise the powers of digital marketing here. It is amazing how a simple query can lead a brand to go viral and how a small campaign can create a huge impact on people.

Much more than Social Media Marketing

The active social media Facebook users in Nepal on social media is 7.10 million which shows 24% digital penetration .The world has grown to smartphones which is the main reason Social Media has gained so much of popularity. Nepal, representing the tiniest population of the world has skyrocketed to the usage of Social Media. The brand engagement that social media generates is highly insightful and its breakdown into the reactions is remarkable.

It is very important you pick the right digital marketing platform for your business. It differs with the type of business you hold. For example, if you have a business that demands corporate clients, then LinkedIn would be the appropriate platform. Likewise, for a sales focused business, Instagram and Facebook would be the appropriate platform. Talking about search engine optimization, which might seem secondary, is impactful for generating high ranking position in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Similarly YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, so it’s a choice to be made if you want to make sure your business is present whenever online.

There is more to Social Media Marketing besides Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. For instance event management and training institutes generate business through social media marketing and email marketing. Venture capitalists and growth accelerators preferences are to develop an informative website along with an app for portability. Other than these services, digital marketing explores a wide variety of ads like from carousel to lead generation, from offer ad to store visit ad, from search ads to Canvas ads and many more, which will help you find the required customers for the particular brand.

Actions Speak Louder

The digital era for businesses is moving at a slow pace here in Nepal but is leaving trails of optimism. Some instances of businesses optimizing their value through digital marketing are the consultancies generating high footfalls on educational fairs, the automobiles converting leads into customers, FMCGs spreading their brand messages, the infrastructure industries creating a mark in the economy. To name some of the perks of digital marketing from the endless lists, are one-to-one communication through instant query handling, frequent digital campaigns that can create unimaginable outcomes, improve your outreach, competitive analysis and many more. The best part about digital marketing is you get everything in measures, all the data that you want, and use this data in turn to influence your prospects, conduct follow ups and do this repeatedly in a thousand different ways.

You never know how much your business has progressed until you have analytics. Measuring engagement rate, impressions, reach, views and so many other elements in digital platform will allow you to track your progress and keep goals as per your vision. A digital platform will give a continuous medium to bolster your brand to a whole new level. Having those measures only is not enough so this is where a digital marketing agency’s role comes forth, where constant monitoring of these analytics shall be interpreted to the businesses and generate strategies to overcome the faults in hand. Finally Re-marketing plays a role as post marketing, where you can utilize all the data generated through your first digital strike.

Get your ROIs

The objective of digital marketing is no different than traditional marketing as it does not guarantee sales, it rather spreads the brand message to the right people at the right time. However, analytics, is what creates all the difference and what the digital industry knows all, is to give.  Businesses should allocate at least 25% of their marketing budget for digital marketing globally.

Talk about our services, it’s more of experiences that clients encounter from our services– the FMCG to connect emotionally with their target group i.e. YOUTHS. ISP to focus more towards customer satisfaction, achieved by generating engagements above 125K with almost 3000 participants in just 3 hours. Also spreading happiness through CSR campaigns and presenting gifts via cash distribution to people before Dashain, who have hard times managing the expenses. Imagine your business connecting with thousands of people and creating influence levers and positive impact that generates favorable background to drive sales for your product and service.

Grabbing attention as quickly and powerfully as possible on social media is highly essential, and multimedia is the most effective way to do that. A powerful multimedia and a catchy hashtag can highly impact your business. Digital marketing will enhance your brand presence in this cut-throat competition. Your aim to letting people know how your business solves the problem is through digital marketing. So much so that digital gives, I have a question for your business Are you in the digital scene yet?