Are you a recent graduate or an enthusiast who is looking for opportunities to challenge your talents in creative work under management, content creation, graphic designing, motion graphics or web development? Social Aves might just be looking for you. Here are 5 reasons why our organization warmly welcomes fresh graduates.

1. We let your ideas work here

Bring any idea to us; we together mould it, nurture it and groom into a presentable format. We absolutely support ideas from simple to eccentric. Why don’t you read the blog about top 5 digital marketing campaigns in Nepal by Social Aves and find out some of our home grown interesting and successful ideas that we have implemented.

2. Grow into a professional

With a history of working with 120+ clients our reputation remains pioneer in the digital marketing industry in Nepal. 8 years of experience down the line, we have developed immensely healthy network of people from international clients like WWF to DELL to PRAN Foods. At Social Aves, we encourage employees to take; as much as they can in terms of work. They can establish network for themselves, so they will have a proper base when they come as entrepreneurs in the future on the long term.

3. Discover your passion

In midst of dilemma to finding what you are good at? Our hard core working strategy will help bring out your strengths. The human resource management here launches an annual performance boosting training program that is self-organized. This event helps the young pool to self-analyse their growth and find a direction for themselves. The organization has witnessed graphic designers, video animators, content writers, operations, marketing and the developers, discover their passionate side and produce exceptional work here.

4. You become a future leader here

Join Social Aves if you are looking to discover a leader in you or wanting to mobilize your leadership qualities. Employees here grind themselves dwelling into work and come out shining as a brilliant leader in a short period of time. See what our employees have to say about this.

5. Awe-inspiring team

We comprise of young and diverse team which includes individuals from management, IT, fine arts, humanities and so much more. The employees are enthusiastic and highly motivated to channelize their talents in creative work that we produce. The drive to bring out the best in themselves is highly seen among all, as they remain dedicated to inspire each other every day.

If you think these 5 reasons are not enough here is an additional reason; Free Food. We believe giving homely environment enhances work atmosphere and performance. Therefore, we ensure our employees outperform with utterly delicious dal bhat power made by our lovely didis.

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