7 Years & Going Strong: Time of our Lives

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30th June marked the day where Social Aves celebrated the 7th anniversary since its establishment. To celebrate this special occasion, Social Aves held a 2 days and 1 Night trip to Riverside Springs Resort, Kurintar.  The office work place was bustling with excitement for the day to arrive. During lunch breaks and tea breaks, the obvious topic of conversation was about the trip; what to wear, how hot it will be, how our rooms will be like, how will the weather turn out to be. Such questions were raised as the day was drawing near.

Finally, it was the day of our most awaited trip. The bus was filled with excitement and voices of every individual. Some people were dozing off, some looking at the scenery while others began eating again! To further uplift the excitement, we played Antakshri. The scorching heat as well as the competitive spark of the employees did not make it easier for our hunger to subside. Everyone was looking for munchies to ease their emptiness.  Nuts, crackers and chips were provided to hush their mouths. And before we knew it, we arrived to our destination. We finally reached Riverside Spring Resort.

With sweat dribbling down and hungriness scribbled all over our faces, we continued to enter the resort in high spirits.  All of us raced to the lunch room upon hearing that lunch was ready. The room which was bursting with hunger moans quieted down as soon as they reached for the food. It was heaven. The food was luscious.

After lunch, a small activity was prepared to get to know one another and for more interaction to take place. The first game was to present oneself in a unique introduction; WHAT’S YOUR NAME? We were amazed and shocked that we had talented people with some amazing skills such as singing, playing the instrument and even culinary skills. Another game prepared was named WHO AM I? Up next, was prize presentation of the person that suited a particular title, nominees were chosen previously by everyone at work. And the one with the most votes were chosen for that particular title. Such titles included, Mr. Handsome, The Bhukkad (Gluton), The Latecomer and more. It was a blast guessing who won what title. As time passed by, staff of the resort brought us our keys to the room. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief knowing that we could finally freshen up and take a short nap or simply, relax.

At exactly at 5 pm, everyone arrived and hence began the splashing of water bombs. Poolside fun is never boring for those playing as well as those watching. Some were teaching swimming, some were just relaxing in the water, one even experienced crams! During dinner everyone had their eyes on food and could be seen gobbling down their plate. Soon after, guitar and songs were played. Although it was a crammed space, everyone fit in together and sang along. The night flew by and around 10 pm, our CEO, Mr. Ravi Singhal and MD, Ms. Sabina Agrawal arrived. They spoke few words of encouragement and started with the singsong.  Midnight passed, and we could see people yawning and snoozing off. All of us decided to head back and turn in for the night.

The sun basked in through our windows as we opened our eyes. It was already 6.30 am. Some were still sleeping in while others were already up and getting ready for breakfast. Once at the area, we could see everyone having a hearty breakfast. There were the discussions of whether to go swimming or play table tennis. The majority chose swimming, and hence all gathered for the pool. Everyone had a merry time taking pictures underwater be it a selfie or a group picture. Soon after, it was time to say goodbye.

As we took off, we could see people dozing off as soon as the bus moved. However, a handful of people continued their Antakshri and sang along. It was going well, until we were stuck in a jam. The sleepy ones woke up and played along with the rest. We stopped at a Thakali restaurant for lunch; all excited for food. Several hours later, we finally reached Kathmandu.

Everyone waved goodbye as one after another left the bus. The few ones headed back to the office to return back the various equipment. Finally, the day came to an end. It was the time of our lives, an unforgettable trip, forever etched in our memory.

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